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Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve professional success by democratizing access to global career opportunities

Our 'Career decisions' play a big role in determining the impact we create on the world and the quality of life that we and our families live. Our workplaces determine the people we make friends with and how well we celebrate life. 

Talented individuals, many times, either aren't able to access the right opportunities or worse, dont understand well enough when the right opportunity presents itself. We are on a mission to provide individuals the globally best available opportunities and equip them with the right resources to convert them. 

Post the COVID pandemic, many more organizations are now open working remotely and building Globally Distributed Teams. We aim to effectively connect these organizations to the most deserving individuals seeking such opportunities.

From the founder’s desk

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I have been ridiculously fortunate to have career discussions with so many people doing incredible things. In my own professional career as well, I was fortunate to explore and navigate various industries, workplaces and roles. Through these first hand experiences, I can appreciate the huge impact that our jobs can have on the lives we live and the outlook we carry. 

Sometimes, while trying to excel in our professional roles, we tend to lose grip on what better possibilities or career paths lie outside of our own shells. This is more relevant in an increasingly open and dynamic world where our next best opportunity could be with a company / team in another country or in a totally different industry. Traditional job search tools are too cumbersome, opaque and inadequate for solving this problem.

Wisemonk is an attempt to bridge this gap to help exceptional talent realise their aspired careers / lives. Our mission is to meaningfully impact individuals careers, one person at a time.

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Aditya Nagpal
CEO, Wisemonk

Challenges of 2022

"We want to become the career partner of choice for premium technology talent. We want to make significant progress in our overall candidate experience - be it for information access, mentorship support, the quality of opportunities or anything else."

Aditya Nagpal

"At Wisemonk, we believe in constant upskilling of recruiters with the combination of best in class L&D programs and catering to premium niche mandates across the SaaS industry."

Susheel K J
Business Head

Leadership Team

Aditya Nagpal

Over 10+ years of global industry (B2B SaaS and management consulting) experience at companies including Rivigo, Roland Berger and Goodera.

Susheel K J
Business Head

8+ years of technical recruitment and team leadership experience for product startups in India & US.

Our story

The history behind OnForm begins when the founders Krishna Ramachandran and Gear Fisher met each other in 2013. Krishna had started a company called Ubersense as a way to help him learn golf by using video to analyze his swing. At the time, Gear was CEO of TrainingPeaks and he was looking to expand their offering by adding video, possibly through a strategic partnership with Ubersense.  Although that didn't pan out, they developed a respect for each other and appreciated their acquaintance. Ubersense was eventually acquired by Hudl and rebranded as the app Hudl Technique.  

​Fast forward to 2018 when Gear and Krishna had both decided to move on from their previous companies, they got back in touch and explored the potential of creating a new coaching solution that would take advantage of the latest technology, which had advanced significantly over the years. Their goal was to leverage AI, machine learning and cloud infrastructure to create a new platform that would help coaches and athletes learn a skill in any sport, and video was core to this effort.

​After 18 months of development, OnForm launched in March 2020 and they have not looked back since.  OnForm continues to grow and progress quickly and will continue to do so by bringing new functionality and better tools to coaches so they can help anyone achieve their true potential.

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