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About Wisemonk

Today, it is imperative for companies to channelize emerging talent in developing countries in their organisational strategy. With remote work emerging as a turning point in the way companies operate, no company wants to be left behind when it comes to accessing global talent.

However, finding and managing global talent can be challenging in the absense of a connecting entity that helps companies anywhere in the world with hiring top professionals and takes care of managing these globally distributed teams.

Wisemonk bridges that gap for companies in the United States by helping them leverage the immense professional talent available in India. Post the COVID pandemic, as many more American organizations are now open to working remotely and building globally distributed teams, we aim to effectively connect these organizations to the most deserving individuals in India seeking such opportunities.

Aditya Nagpal

Founder & CEO, Wisemonk

From The Founder's Desk

I have been ridiculously fortunate to have career discussions with so many people doing incredible things. In my own professional career as well, I was fortunate to explore and navigate various industries, workplaces and roles. Through these first hand experiences, I can appreciate the huge impact that our jobs can have on the lives we live and the outlook we carry.

Sometimes, while trying to excel in our professional roles, we tend to lose grip on what better possibilities or career paths lie outside of our own shells. This is more relevant in an increasingly open and dynamic world where our next best opportunity could be with a company / team in another country or in a totally different industry. Traditional job search tools are too cumbersome, opaque and inadequate for solving this problem.

Wisemonk is an attempt to bridge this gap to help exceptional talent realise their aspired careers / lives. Our mission is to meaningfully impact individuals careers, one person at a time.

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